Solar On Grid System

Helios Natural solar rooftop and community solutions are vital product solutions in a domain that already installed rooftop realizations all over the country. Rooftop on-grid solar power photovoltaic system combines photovoltaic and architecture system. The packaged PV modules are installed on the roof of the residential buildings so our product is formed in order to achieve the conversion of solar radiation into electricity. The rooftop solar power photovoltaic system from our company consists of PV modules, inverters and controlling devices, etc. The raw materials of the core components of PV modules prefer internationally renowned brands which have CE certification. Each solar cell module has been accurately calculated.

The finished products are strictly tested through high-precision test instruments. With good quality inverters and controllers, etc. The photovoltaic system has advantages such as long lifespan, no noise, no pollution, no consuming of any fuel and environmental protection. The residential solar power system can efficiently use the building roof and curtain walls without land resources. The electricity from photovoltaic array can supply the building load or the grid. So the system generates electricity during the day and relieves the peak electricity demand.

We have separated team with high qualified, knowledgeable and experienced persons. Our rooftop PV system has novel design, full functions and high quality.